Interchange workshops are designed to be involving and informative.  They integrate skills and understanding by addressing a combination of skills, processes, concepts and models.  For participants who wish it, they provide opportunities to practise and receive supportive feedback.

The facilitator is Bob Dick.  The venue for Brisbane workshops is Walkabout Creek conference centre, 60 Mt Nebo Road The Gap, a beautiful conference centre in a bushland setting.

The fee for each of the four 2-day public Brisbane workshops in the Interchange program is $770* per participant (in Australian dollars, GST included).
There are attractive early bird rates for early payment. Discounts may also be available for teams of three or more participants from one organisation.

* Note that for workshops offered jointly with other facilitators, or interstate, fees vary

Enquire if you think you may qualify for a half-price scholarship. Enquire about reduced rates for teams. 

Typically the Interchange workshop program includes four workshops. Three topics are offered almost every year. For the fourth workshop, usually the first of the four, the topic may vary from year to year.

Other workshops may be added if there is sufficient demand.  If you prefer, in-house workshops on these and other topics can be designed to meet your organisation's needs.

You can access more details by clicking on the workshop name below.

Facilitative leadership

Organisations increasingly find it challenging to respond quickly enough to accelerating rates of change.  Fortunately, there are strategies available to increase team and organisational responsiveness and flexibility.  Team leaders can adopt a more facilitative style, engaging team members in engaging and satisfying responsibilities.  This workshop explores the relevant skills, processes and concepts.
Thursday-Friday, March 28-29 2019.

Foundations of facilitation

Foundation skills, concepts and processes for designing and facilitating group activities for change, learning, meetings, and decision making.
Thursday and Friday, May 16-17 2019.

Advanced facilitation

For the further development of facilitation skills, processes and concepts in group facilitation. The concepts and processes can be applied to the facilitation of learning, change, meetings, and decision-making. Attention is given to wicked problems and large or difficult groups.
Thursday and Friday, July 18-19 2019.

Action learning

Implementing change and developing leadership and problem solving skills through the use of projects.  Learn how to set up a program of multiple projects to achieve leadership development and cultural change.
Thursday and Friday, September 12-13 2019.

Other possible workshop programs (some very tentative)

In addition to the Interchange program, a number of other workshops may be facilitated in conjunction with other people, sometimes at other venues.  The following workshops are tentatively planned.

DATES and venues are yet to be determined in some instances -- watch this space ...

Organisational diagnosis
(tentative title)

With Tim Paul, date and venue yet to be determined.  A two-day workshop on ways of conducting diagnosis in organisations (and elsewhere) participatively, and so that change is more easily achieved.

When you think about it, almost everything about organisations can be improved by better diagnosis.  This workshop is about how to use diagnosis to improve organisational functioning.

Contact me for details.  I'll keep you informed.

Systemic health and weight management (tentative title)

With Anita Cochrane, date and venue to be determined.  A two-day workshop using a systemic, multi-component and multi-disciplinary approach to an issue that is otherwise complex and intractable.
Anita is an experienced psychologist and dietician who has doctoral qualifications in this field.

If interested, let me know, and I'll keep you informed.

Shared leadership (tentative title)

With Martin Butcher, possibly in both Melbourne and Brisbane.  A two-day workshop on ways of moving to a shared leadership culture in an organisation.  The emphasis will be on practical ways of achieving both enjoyment and performance.

Kickstarting change that lasts

With Andrew Rixon.  An occasional two-day experiential workshop on how to achieve more effective and sustainable change by combining and integrating Open Space Technology and action learning.
Contact me (bd@bigpond.net.au) for more details.

Constructive dissent

With Chris Patty.  An occasional two-day experiential workshop (using action methods) on how to make an asset of diversity, difference and disagreement.

Real men don't plan

With Mary Maher.  An occasional one-day workshop for men facing, or wishing to plan or prepare for, changes in their life.
Contact Mary Maher for details.

Making it happen

With Ray Ginn.  Increasing the practical application and impact of learning by building transfer of learning into learning designs and activities.  (Planning is very preliminary at this stage.  Enquire for more information.)

In-house program

We don't currently plan to offer the following as public workshops in 2018.  However, they can be made available within organisations and communities, tailored to your requirements. Again, click on the workshop title for details.

Action research

For many people action research is an attitude and mindset that allows spontaneity and resilience in unsettled or confusing situations.  For others it's a research methodology that allows change to be researched and pursued at the same time.  We'll address both approaches.  
Available in-house.  Otherwise not offered as a public workshop in 2018.

Collaborative performance improvement

How to design and implement a performance improvement process that people will actually like, and find valuable.  The emphasis is on a collaborative and blame-free approach that benefits all parties.  It can be applied within pairs (such as team leader and team member) or to a self-managed team.
Available in-house.  Otherwise not offered as a public workshop in 2018.

Community and organisational change

Skills, models, concepts and processes for participatory change in community and organisational settings.  The workshop will cover the important entry phase, the engagement of participants in planning, and ways of enhancing the likelihood of action.
Available in-house.  Otherwise not offered as a public workshop in 2018.

Culture, story and change

The use of story (whether traditional, created or elicited) for individual, group and system diagnosis, development and change
Available in-house.  Otherwise not offered as a public workshop in 2018.

Experiential learning

The design and facilitation of processes for experiential learning, integrating theory and practice in involving ways
Available in-house.  Otherwise not offered as a public workshop in 2018.

Participative evaluation

The Snyder evaluation process, which combines outcome, process and short-cycle evaluation
Available in-house.  Otherwise not offered as a public workshop in 2018.

Organisational resilience

Practical principles from foresight, complexity, resilience, and high reliability are applied to dealing more effectively with unexpected opportunities and crises and learning from them.
Available in-house.  Otherwise not offered as a public workshop in 2018.

What else?

We would be pleased to consult with you about a workshop designed and presented within your organisation to meet your particular needs.

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