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Action research international

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Before subscribing to Action research international please read the following ...


Action research international consists of two mailing lists.  A discussion list carries draft papers and comments on them.  A further list carries the papers when they are accepted

There is no subscription fee for Action research international

Before subscribing you should note that the subscribers and panel of Action research international form an active action research community.  We research our own practice.  Anything posted to Action research international or on the associated mailing list should be regarded as a public document, and may be used as data for research and evaluation.  Your subscription to Action research international will be taken as indicating agreement to this condition

The editorial panel of Action research international consists of people who are committed to a climate of mutual inquiry.  Our intention is that authors, panel and subscribers will together engage in an honest and supportive dialogue from which we will all learn.  We encourage you to join with us in the same spirit

To subscribe to Action research international  send an email message to Bob Dick <>, indicating your interest and your agreement with the conditions above, from your usual email account



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